"RACING AGAINST ALL ODDS" delves into the untold hardships of Warren's journey, providing an intimate look into the sacrifices and resilience required to break barriers and thrive as an international contender in the highly competitive realm of NASCAR. Through triumphs and setbacks, Warren's story becomes a testament to determination, unity, and the unwavering spirit that propels him forward in the face of adversity.


    This compelling series unveils the distinctive individuals who shape Warren's extraordinary journey. John Spilotro, Warren's spotter, brings his enigmatic presence and expertise to the team. Working alongside him is Scott Gaforni, a seasoned NASCAR driver and mentor. Beyond sharing his racing wisdom, Scott actively contributes to the construction of the stock car that Warren aspires will propel him to the pinnacle of NASCAR success. Together, these unforgettable characters form a crucial part of Warren's narrative, adding depth and dimension to his pursuit in the world of racing.

  • 49 SPOTTER

    "49 SPOTTER" is a sneak peek that invites viewers to embark on an exhilarating journey into the realm of stock car racing, brimming with the peaks and valleys inherent in chasing a bold dream. This narrative unfolds as a story of camaraderie, passion, and unwavering determination set against the backdrop of Las Vegas—a place where dreams transcend limits, and the ties of family reach across continents. See the teaser below.